School Values


At Diamond Creek Primary School we pride ourselves on a whole school focus on our four values – Respect, Cooperation, Persistence, and Striving for Excellence. With behaviour, attitudes, interactions and learning influenced heavily by these values, our students receive not only a high quality academic education but are also supported in the development of their emotional and social intelligence through their learning journey.


We have written our own emotional literacy program, Diamond Kids which develops and enhances each of our values and other associated and desirable habits of ‘mind body and soul’ over time. Each week we focus on an aspect of our Diamond Kids program at our whole school assembly. Teachers are then referring back to the values within the classroom to create a supportive and welcoming classroom learning community.


We always celebrate the achievements of our students each and every day in many different ways; sometimes a friendly smile, a ‘high-five’, or a simple phrase means so much to our students to encourage their fantastic behaviour and balanced choices. In addition, we have our Student of the Week awards for outstanding behaviour, and our Diamond of the Month awards which are presented to those students who demonstrate the values to a very high standard. It is a huge honour to receive Diamond of the Month at Diamond Creek Primary School.


We feel it is vital to prepare our students to be successful learners and future citizens by embedding our values of Respect, Cooperation, Persistence and Excellence in the way we live at school. We aim to supporting our students to be the best they can be and to ‘shine like diamonds’!