Children at DCPS learn the Italian language from Foundation to year 6.


In the junior grades the curriculum is based on Italian literature, songs and rhymes. We learn simple conversation, body parts, colours and numbers.


In the middle and senior grades we focus on Italian culture, interviewing skills, oral presentations, role playing and our learning moves away from using single words, to the stringing together of words to make sentences and then paragraphs. We aim to provide experiences that promote the reading, writing, speaking and listening of the Italian language.


Some exciting highlights of our program are:


La Sfilata di Carnevale (grades 4-6)


This is a parade that encompasses:



designing and making a full face mask


Performing Arts

Choreographing moves and a performance to a piece of Italian music



Learning the traditions and culture associated with this event


Café Diamante (Grades 5-6)

This is an authentic learning experience that enables students be part of the process of running an Italian café. Food is prepared by the students and is served to parents using only Italian language.


We pride ourselves in preparing students for wonderful Italian learning in Secondary School.