The Buddies Program at Diamond Creek Primary School aims to enhance and support the transition process for the new Foundation students each year, whilst promoting leadership skills in the Grade 6 students.


The program begins for the Grade 6 students at the end of their Grade 5 year, when they spend time creating a book for their future little buddy that teaches them all about the school, shares the experiences that they had when they were starting school themselves and provides some activities that they can complete together. This is a book that is shared with families and is cherished by the little buddies throughout their school years.


Each week the little buddies work with their big buddies under the guidance of their teachers, to spend a session completing a special shared activity. Some of the activities that they have completed included:


Treasure hunts

Written stories

Obstacle course

Art and craft



Not only do the Grade 6’s support their Foundation buddy each week in their learning, they support them outside in the playground during recess and lunch too. They provide the little buddies with a friend that they can go to for help or guidance. Grade 6’s are also encouraged to help the buddies find groups of friends in the Foundation level that they can play with and develop friendships with.